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5 Benefits of Hiring a Water Damage and Flood Restoration Company

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Bad weather conditions that lead to flooding and storms are the number one culprit of drastic property damage. In history, storms and hurricanes have brought a lot of destruction to nature and humanity, where forests and human property damaged are done. After the destruction, homeowners have to worry about the flood and water damage restoration. Thank God, because there are companies who offer people to assist them the cleanup and restoration so the people can worry about something else. The following are the benefits of hiring one.  

Water Damage


Cleanup and restoration project right after a destructive flood or storm is pretty complex. You’re going to deal with your damaged property, with a lot of health hazards involved. A flood damage event might include a toilet and sewage water backflow, making the water look black. If you experience this, do not try to get into the water and salvage things. Call a company a water damage restoration company right away. Professionals have the right equipment and tools when it comes to dealing with harmful substances. Your safety is important; surely you wouldn’t want another casualty.  

Speed and Efficiency 

Do not perform water damage restoration on your own. Do not ignore your safety especially if you don’t have the proper protective gears. Also, it will take you more time to do the job because of your lack of equipment and technical expertise. So it’s better to call a professional to do the job so your home is restored to its pre-loss state. You will go back into your normal life once the flood damage is quickly removed.  

Minimize Financial Loss 

Calling a professional after flood damage will help you minimize your financial loss. There is enough damage done to your home, do not do a restoration project on your own because you might lose more finances attempting to do a cleanup. Like mentioned, it will take you time to clean-up the whole mess if you don’t have the equipment. It means that the water is going to stay there for an extra time, and the longer that it stays there; it will cause more damage to your property, expanding your financial burden. 

Safe Mold Remediation 

Flood and water damage is hazardous, especially that any organism can grow in the water if not removed quickly, for example, the growth of mold. It develops in the ceiling or hidden places like the floor joists and walls. Damage restoration is dangerous for a normal homeowner like you. If the water stays in the property for a few weeks or days, you will suffer. Call a company right away to get rid of the mold and for your property protection against fungal growth.  

Insurance Claims 

Once you experience flood damage, you can file for an insurance claim. Most of damage restoration companies have experience of dealing with insurance companies regarding forms and policies. They can help you document your loss and a fair settlement for that.   

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The Effects of Fire and Smoke Damage

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One of the worst damages that a household can experience is when the house gets on fire. Fire damage is one of the most traumatic and violent event anyone can imagine. Not only would it damage properties, it also shatter dreams and experiences. When you restore the house, it’s better that you call a professional who has an experience with fire damage restoration. Fire damage is dangerous so you shouldn’t try to do it on your own.  

Fire and Smoke Damage

Thermal Damage 

One of the dangers of fire is the thermal or heat. It is created by the fire and disperses on every direction. Its heat affects anything if it’s too hot. It has the ability to open the pores of the substrates that allow the smoke to imbed into the materials’ surfaces. This will result to easy surface oxidation and smoke odor. The heat is often retained after the fire and will still affect anyone or anything it can encounter. Professionals are the one who knows how to deal with it.  

Smoke Damage 

The soot is the by-product of the incomplete combustion, and the heat pushes that to cover everything in its path. The smoke will travel until all the energy is used up. Soot is tested to be on the acidic side of pH scale and these materials are destructive. The smoke can affect paint or finish coatings because it cannot stand an acidic environment. The smoke is also the reason why short circuits happen and overheating of appliances.  

Structural Damage 

Warping of distortion from heat also known as deflection can create metal stresses which compromise the metallic components of a structure, and it also risks the physical structure of the property. So it’s obvious that when a fire happens, it can damage an entire property in a quick span of time. Testing and analysis to structure should be done.  

Pressure Damage 

One of the effects of fire is pressure damage. Properties with a good insulation can create more pressure and smoke. Water can also create a super-heated steam because it expands at a very high rate. The temperature and pressure damages any substrate. Once the property expands, it blows out doors and window glass and also lift roofs. Heavy equipment can also be moved.  

Water Damage 

Another damage that a fire can cause is water damage. Any water near the fire can cause much damage because of the super-heated steam it creates. This steam is a very powerful force. The power is then released, adding to the pressure conditions in the building. Like mentioned, it can affect structure and equipment.  

Chemical Residue 

There are many chemical residues after a fire, that’s why you shouldn’t venture in a restoration project on your own. The fire might create a waste stream of hydrocarbons, acids, and other hazardous chemicals. Potentially hazardous waste stream and potential hazards of decontamination should be handled by technicians that have skills and knowledge of disposing such waste materials while ensuring the safety of the site.  

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5 Tips on Hiring Water Damage Restoration Company 

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Flood and water damage is hazardous, so doing a cleanup and restoration on your own will risk your health and property. If you encounter something like this, like flood or water backflow, you should put the responsibility of cleaning it up on professionals who are trained to do it. However, not all companies or contractors are the same. So you really have to do some little research first before hiring a water and action restoration professional. Look for the following characteristics when you’re hiring a professional.  

Water Damage Restoration


When you’re in the process of hiring a damage restoration professional, you should make sure that they are licensed and certified. A reputable company can provide you with information about their license and where they are certified. In terms of certification of water damage restoration organization, the popular one is IICRC. It’s not necessary for the company you’re interviewing to have this, but a certificate means that they are competitive enough to give you a satisfactory job.  

Next thing to be sure of is their license. Every business should have a license, but it still depends on the requirements of your state. Some states don’t require a water damage company to be licensed, but there are states that do. So, do some research and check if your state requires license.  

Knowledgeable and Experienced  

Water damage restoration project is complicated; the company is going to deal with your property so you should hire someone who has the ability and experience to restore it in its pre-loss state. It’s fair to ask the company about the experience they have in this field. Ask how long the company has been in the industry. You can also ask the company for their past client’s contact information so you can ask them how the company delivered their work. Take the interview as an opportunity to ask any questions you have.  


With the technology in our hands, it’s easy for us to look for the companies which are reputable. You still need referrals and recommendations through word of mouth, and then confirm them through looking at the company’s websites and reviews. You can ask some insurance companies because they have been in touch with a restoration company for a long time.  

Customer Service 

This is one of the most important things. We often disregard this aspect because we are more fixated on the products and services a company offers and not so much on how they treat their customers. When you talk to a technician, you will then realize how they treat customers with how they treat you. If they are able to give you the services you need, like interview and estimates, then they’re good companies.  


Written Estimates 

If you’re tight on budget, then you should get a written estimate from a contractor first. If the contractor happily oblige and gives you a fair estimate, then that’s a sign that the company is going to give you a quality service.  

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